Top 3 most useful marketing tools

The world of marketing has been evolving for years and you need to adapt to the change to stay on top. So jump in and get the best marketing tools available to you. Here are the top 3 of these tools that you can use right now. They are very useful to keep your customers and to analyse your data and they will facilitate your prospecting.

Google Analytics and PIM, the reliable data analysers !

If you have an online shop, a website to promote your services, or a simple blog, Google Analytics and PIM will be the essential tools for you. They will give you real-time information on how many people visited your site, what products and services they were interested in, and even how long they spent on a particular page. With this data, you can adjust your leads, putting the most interesting products on the homepage. In addition, Google Analytics will also give you information about your traffic's preferred platforms. If the majority of your customers are smartphone enthusiasts, you need to make sure that your site is adapted to this platform. Goaland's PIM allows you to use the data collected to improve your marketing strategy.

Canva for successful digital marketing !

The goal of marketing is to turn a simple visitor into a loyal customer. So you need to use every possible means to attract them to your product so that they buy it. Canva is the perfect tool to do this. It is a website that specialises in image design and which you can use with ease. With this tool, you can design all your communication materials. Moreover, it is free for small creations. This makes it the ideal marketing tool for start-ups. But if you are an experienced entrepreneur, you should go for the paid version. It will allow you to design more professional, more artistic communication materials that will attract more customers to your sales site.

Semrush, to optimise your content !

You can't sell your products and services if you don't know what your customers want. You must therefore create content that meets your customers' demands. To achieve this, you need to use the most searched keywords related to your product. Semrush has a wide range of keyword collections, which you can use when writing your content. With the right keywords, your content and your site will rank higher in search engines, and your website will get more visitors.

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