3 steps of the buying process in the digital era

In the modern world, there are always changes in different areas. Among these changes, there is the great evolution of technology. Not only does it make life easier for individuals, but it also allows immense productivity for companies thanks to the digitalized trade. This system is advantageous for the customer, because of the simplicity, the speed, and the wide choice in his purchases. Hence, companies can have a considerable list of prospects. This leads to a high return for the company.

The digitalisation of purchasing !

The digitisation of purchasing involves various elements and software. For example, ivalua, synertrade, jaggaer, PIM, etc. Especially regarding PIM, you can learn more here. Did you know that this system in the digital age is really advantageous ? The visibility of the company increases. Customers can more easily find the available products. Apart from that, the digital form of the trading makes it easier for customers to buy. No need to travel, several service options, and accessibility at any time. Finally, the budget for marketing communication is very small for companies. However, the advertising strategy is effective.

The phases of the digital buying !

One of the most important things to know about digital shopping is to understand the behaviour of your customers. There are three stages in the buying process. First, the customer becomes aware. A person is missing something, so they become a potential buyer. Meet their needs, and offer them the corresponding services and products. Secondly, consideration from the customer. He notices the company and asks about it in more detail and about the products or services he needs. And thirdly, the customer's decision making. The person is satisfied with the offers that are presented to him. As a result, this individual becomes a consumer.

How to optimise the purchase in the digital age ?

In order to further develop the digital purchase, make improvements. First of all, personalise the customer's purchasing path. Add personal data to the sale. Specify the purpose of the product. Gender, age, interest... Then, digitise all the stages of a person's purchase. In other words, transform the customer's path towards his goal. To do this, the company needs a large internal team to achieve the objective. Finally, get your message in the right place at the right time. So make sure there is consistency between the types of digital channels.

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