The uses of data in a company

The proliferation of data is a growing problem for all companies, but it is also a powerful accelerator of their development. Apart from optimising the experience of both the employee and the customer, it also strengthens the relationships with stakeholders…

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Data Science, to adapt the customer experience

In the age of Big Data, companies have no choice but to analyse the flow of information about their customers and exploit it to provide the best possible customer experience. Nowadays, customer experience plays a major role in the success…

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How to secure your customers’ data?

According to numerous regulations, every individual deserves to be protected against any attack on their body or personal property. With the advent of new technologies, personal property has expanded slightly. For example, the personal data of a company’s customers is…

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What is autoML?

Since the first computer was created, the world of intelligent machines has troubled mankind. This theory is the basis for what later became known as artificial intelligence (AI). In 1990, automated Machine Learning or auto ML appeared and quietly revolutionised…

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How can iot help you optimise your production costs?

Industries are continuously looking for ways to reduce their production costs. In the past, they relied on machines or fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.), but now they are turning to the Industrial Internet of Things or IIOT. But, in concrete…

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