Is the open space still in fashion ?

The layout of workspaces has become unavoidable since XXᵉ century to date. In 2015, it was very widespread in the workplace, 35% of which are individual offices. At present, the open space remains a preferred workspace for many employees, but is still mostly fashionable.

Fashionable workspaces: a guide to open space?

Having been around since the 1950s, open-plan workspaces are making a splash ahead of modern workspaces such as individual offices enclosed within four walls. More personal than they are, open-plan offices are quite employee-friendly. The idea of open space brings good humour and a sense of community to the workplace. Open space encourages human contact, the aim of which is to maintain professional relations and cultivate the motivation of each employee, the source of productivity. The open space was popularised with the arrival of Silicon Valley, and even up to now. The aim is to break down subordination status so that everyone is on the same level. Open space is still very much in vogue in companies. Friendliness and creativity are further reasons for the popularity of open spaces.

Working in an open space: what's the downside?

Although the company has the open space layout to allow employees to flourish and make the environment friendly on a daily basis, some people do not share the same opinion. According to media reports, the famous Facebook founder has the largest open space workplace compared to its competitors. However, most members do not agree with this. They are against open space, because it can corrupt the productivity of employees. Both distracting and too open, open space does not guarantee privacy for those who work there. As the name suggests, you are never free from noise, which can affect your concentration. In the United States of America, it has been proven that 66% of people who are ill are forced to stop working because of their workplaces, particularly open spaces.

The advantages of open space: a trendy workspace

Flexibility is the primary reason for opting for an open plan workspace. In addition, it is the current trend to ensure better working conditions in companies. Over time, open space has come to be known by different names, such as coworking, flex office or desk sharing, and this in the digital era. From a financial point of view, configuring workplaces in open space allows the company to save money. Not only does the choice of an open space reduce the financial outflow, but it also saves on land, i.e. being able to accommodate several employees in a single location.

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