Digital asset management, a major challenge for companies

As a company grows, it will need to not only collect, but also leverage a number of digital assets that will be increasingly difficult to manage and are essential for initiating marketing actions, among other things. Digital resource management solutions have therefore been developed to allow the company to access more easily the data that will be most useful in its activity. But in concrete terms, what does this mean ?

Discovering Digital Asset Management :

Digital Asset Management is software that allows you to organise, store and share your growing marketing content. These digital assets can be images, sound files, videos, texts, etc. Note that a digital asset refers to any useful content that is stored on a computer. By allowing the company to use this data effectively, the DAM enables it to have a more coherent image when it comes to its communication.

What are the benefits of DAM ?

The advantages of a DAM solution lie above all in its features and functionalities. Indeed, this platform allows you to speed up the search, browsing and sharing of marketing content, to upload and download content with various extensions, to add complex metadata for additional information about the content and to access and manage your data on various devices (computers or mobile devices). It also saves time and money by allowing the company to have a clear view of its assets, to automate certain functionalities in order to carry out other activities, and above all, to exploit this data in a way that remains consistent with its brand image.

How to choose your DAM software?

To find the right DAM software for your business, start by asking yourself "why do you need it?". This will help you identify the needs and profiles of future users of the solution. Then list the types of documents used by your departments that the software will have to manage. You should also set a precise budget for the software. Some solutions may be more comprehensive than others. Then, opt for a precise and efficient indexing in order to have relevant descriptions of your media, their characteristics and many other parameters. Make sure your digital assets are secure and that you choose an efficient search engine when using the tool. Also make sure that copyright management is well handled. 

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